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“Can machines exhibit behavior that cannot be distinguished from that of human behavior? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” The technology behind this is called a Generative Adversarial Network.” Can a machine imitate a person? This question was first asked by one of modern computing’s founders, Alan Turing, nearly 70 years ago and it is


The focus for bank COOs is expanding beyond a pure cost perspective to include customer experience. Our recent banking survey showed that 74 percent of bank operations executives named customer experience as one of the top three priorities.¹ In sync with this new top priority and the reality that technology drives highly efficient, straight-through processing, the


Shinhan took home gold in the Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking category at the 2018 Efma-Accenture Banking Innovation awards. Many social banking programs are limited in scope by practicality. The collateral that banks can risk on non-traditional customers is not infinite. These realities, though unfortunate, are inescapable. Or are they? A new program currently in


Some European payments pundits believe that payment transaction fees are racing towards zero, compelling payment services providers to make money from data to survive in the long run. They are not alone in their thinking. Nearly three-fourths of the European banks we surveyed recently agree that payments are becoming free; 69 percent believe payments are


In the previous blog in this series, we discussed how CFOs are leading the charge for banks in creating new sources of value, from new revenue streams to cost reduction opportunities. Many of these opportunities depend upon access to the kind of data that is only available through the cloud. However, banks have been relatively late

Things that you should avoid while taking a personal loan

There are many situations in life when you need to arrange emergency expenses and it is likely to be out of funds in this era of inflation. But, personal loans let you meet your needs in such emergencies. Personal loans are the great way to secure some funds when you need them most. But, to

Factors that can cause your personal loan get declined

Think about a situation that you have decided to go on vacation and are thinking to apply for a personal loan. But, what shocked you when you applied for the loan is that your application is rejected. In such a case, you will just remain thinking that what has caused your application to get rejected.

Individual Health Insurance vs. Group Health Insurance

People get normally confused about the group and individual health insurance policies, but it is simple to understand the differences between them. Though both these policies provide similar type of coverage, but they are different in the terms of details. Normally, group insurance costs you lesser, but when it comes to protection then people prefer

How a good credit is going to benefit you?

Though majority of the people are having bad credit score, but still there are the people who manage their credit account well and have a good credit score. It not only reduces their expenses that otherwise they will be spending as interest on the debts, but also gives them peace of mind that they are

Ways to improve your credit score

Improving your credit score is like losing weight because there is no quick remedy to do so and it is going to take time. So, the first thing that you need to do is keep patience. No doubt that there are some quick fixes for the bad credit, but they are more likely to backfire.

Practical ways to pay off credit card debt

Using your credit card and putting yourself in a great debt is easy, but clearing those debts is going to be a much difficult process regardless you are having a proper plan in hand. But, here we are listing some practical ways to tackle with your credit card debt. Set  a goal The first and

What makes your credit score go down?

Getting your credit score down is no doubt a serious issue, but nowadays majority of the people are facing it. If you are there then most probably you will be facing this issue and be looking for the reason that has brought your credit score down. Well, we would like to tell you that there

Some must-know-things about credit card debt

There is no doubt that credit cards make it easy for us to make the payments when we are out of money. But getting your credit card into overwhelming debt is also not expected in any case. You may have seen the credit card customers who use them on regular basis and never pay a

Preventing Foreclosure with a Mortgage Modification

For most of families, their home is all that they have as an asset in their life but now with highly challenging life style and increasing cost of living day by day, most of these lovely homes are just a few steps away from foreclosure threatening. Millions of house owners in the world are struggling


Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you wanted some liquid cash and there is no balance to withdraw? Surely you would have faced this situation and may be that’s why you are reading this post! There are situations when the amount credited in your bank account is not enough to meet your


All of us are aware of that forex is an acronym used for Foreign exchange. But these two words have embraced so much in its landscape that it has emerged as an altogether different market and a separate avenue for investors, traders and financers. This arena of business is sensitive as well as risky but


Does your perception about insurance is similar to your other investments? If yes then this means that you are overloading yourself with unreasonable expectations! Upfront you may feel that insurance is a wasteful expenditure but it has incredible inherent benefits which not only increase its importance but also makes it an independent avenue for investment.

Home loan- Making your dream easier to own a house

There is no doubt that buying your own home has become much difficult in this era of inflation. The costs have increased much that a normal man can never think of buying his own home. But, the home loan has enabled many individuals to realize the dream of getting home ownership which they would not

Importance of Cheap Study Loan

As the awareness about the higher education is growing fast, the quality education costs are also rising. Due to these rising costs, most of the students are opting for buying education loans for higher studies. In the case you are not having sufficient funds or anyone to provide financial help for your study, then you

Facts that you must know about Mortgages

A mortgage is a contract that is signed between a borrower and a lender, when a borrower takes mortgage loan to buy property, land or home. Mortgages are secured through the property which is used as collateral in the contract. However, mortgages may seem a little complicated to the home buyers which are getting it